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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Deborah... Beauty in Baldness.

Deborah.  I met Deborah a few years back a girls group here in town, then stayed connected through a shared passion of photography.  She is a wonderful photographer also.  At the beginning of last year she was diagnosed with  breast cancer, and has been undergoing chemotherapy.  I am happy to say that she has had her last treatment!! There is a surgery scheduled for later this month, we are praying for complete recovery before then!! Yes Jesus!

I want to share with you the story of this photoshoot, as it is very important to my heart.

So, she had posted a picture of herself after undergoing a treatment.  It stayed with me all that day, so much so that by 11pm that night I facebook messaged her asking if I could do a photoshoot of her beauty in baldness.  I was ready to gravel and beg, lucky for me she said yes! I felt so privileged.  I kept praying about her photoshoot, and kept seeing color lots of color, and lots of flowers, a field, a chest, a bike, and last but not least a mirror. So thats what we did.

The flowers:
At first I saw the flowers as color, I felt like there was supposed to be lots of color by her face.  They beautiful, strong, sweet, and lovely.  Deborah is all of those things.  I am not a florist,  I just threw the flowers on the blanket hoping they would magically land looking like the vision in my head. haha ... ummm yea that didn't happen.  Deborah is so creative from the inside out, she instantly started making the flowers even more beautiful by arranging them ever so sweetly. She kept gravitating toward this beautiful light pink gerber.

The Field:
If you could see us from the air we would only look like dots.  We were in a massive filed.  I applied this to the situation that Deborah is in right now. I felt like even though from our perspective on the ground we feel big and like we've seen it all.  Once we get up higher and, get a different perspective of the WHOLE field we will see that there is so much more than where we are currently standing.  In other words, even though cancer may feel like its engulfing your whole life, it is not the rest of your life.  Its only a dot on the radar in the BIGGER BETTER BEAUTIFUL plans that God has for you.  His perspective is better than ours.... thank God!

The Chest:
I saw her sitting on a white chest that I have.  So I brought it.  I felt like the chest being white was to reflect how pure she is, and also a royalty since about her.  I also felt like the chest had markings on it, to show that it had been places and seen things, but those markings make it more beautiful, individual, unique, and WANTED.  I saw her sitting on the chest,  I felt like she has only seen the top of the amazing gifts that God has in store for her life.  Not ministry things, but gifts to make her smile and to have fun with. There is a whole chest full of amazing this for her.

The Bike:
I brought the bike because, well its awesome. But besides that because she is on a journey, but she will be ok.

The Mirror:
So the mirror was the crying portion of the session.  Tears were streaming down my face capturing what God was doing.  Deep breath ... go....
So I brought a mirror, I had a picture of her looking at her self and I was to take pictures of her doing so. On the way to the shoot I was praying, and felt like God told me to tell her "Darling Deborah You are so Beautiful." right before I hand her the mirror. Then to have her take a moment and look at her self in the eyes saying that, and really letting God show her who she is in His eyes. That she is indeed Beautiful.

Tears.  God really showed up.  I was beyond honored and privileged to capture this mighty, strong beautiful woman. Thank you so much Deborah for allowing me to capture your Beauty, Strength and Venerability.  I am forever grateful.


                                                                                       Her Daughter Playing! Loved This!

Kristen, Deborah's amazing creative daughter.

Photographers Heart!


  1. Wow, I am so honored to have you capture this part of my journey and make bald look beautiful! Love you... you are so talented! DK

  2. What a beautiful photo shoot and the story behind everything makes it even more special. You should seriously create a book of photos and stories that go with them. I would totally order a copy. and p.s. I love the photos of her and her daughter. I hope when my little guys are that big they look at me with that much love in their eyes :)