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Hey there!! I am Lacy Fontaine and I am a photographer! :o) I have an amazing husband that supports me in every way. I have three loud, fun, crazy, little boys that I love more and more every day. I've grown up all over California but I've lived in Redding Ca the longest. I love to laugh and have a good time with my family and friends. I am all about trying new things and going on adventures!! I LOVE TRAVELING! I got to go to Norway recently and oh my gosh it changed my life! I didn't want to come home!! I tend to laugh at random jokes that probably shouldn't be laughed at. I try to keep it real, I'm not into fake people. I enjoy chatting over a yummy cup of coffee any day of the week!! Once someone is my friend they are my friend for life. To me pictures are an extension of who you are, and the moments we are living in. I try to capture that and let it shine through the photo. Photographs help us remember what the important things are in life. I'd love to photograph your special day or family! EMAIL: LACY@LACYFONTAINEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM WEB SITE: WWW.LACYFONTAINEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grandparents ... Special. (Northern California Photographer)

After Christmas was over ... literally about 3 hours past mid night on the 26th we packed up our two boys and headed down south for some good ol'vacation/family time. It was Wonderful! While we were there we bought a van!! AHHHhh!! I am in LOVE with it!!  Anyhow ... I had the pleasure of getting my amazing Grandparents alone for a few minutes, so we went to the Beach!! (ahhh I love the beach.. don't you?!) While we were there I kindly convinced them that I needed to take some pictures of them!! So here they are ... just a couple fun pictures we took on the fly.

They have been married about 56 years and counting. He is a retired Air Force Chef, and she is the most amazing Wife and Mother that I have ever seen. I would be doing good if I'm have the woman she is.
He is a fisherman. He goes out deep sea fishing every week and normally wins for the biggest fish! So getting pictures of him with the sea was important.  She loves the peaceful ness of the waves and watching the wild life. It was such a great lesson for me to listen, and learn how to really enjoy what God has made. To really watch with my heart, and feel the rhythm of the ocean, birds, dolphins, kids running around playing ... just learning to take everything in and appreciate it fully.  They are both an inspiration to me, and will be forever.

                                                   I LOVE YOU BOTH WITH ALL MY HEART!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Baby News .... Or not.

Well I have been tossing this idea around in my head for a couple months now ... to post or not to post that is the question!!! Well ... I've decided to post. For the others like me who have gone through this, for the ones who will, and for my own healing. I think I'm ready to share and get it out in the open, so here goes.

At the beginning of November we found out we were pregnant with our 3rd baby!! Ahhh I was SO EXCITED. After I found out I was pregnant, I ran upstairs, took a shower to just thank God for this baby. I was so happy. I had been worried that we would never have a 3rd and that had been weighing on my heart so much.  For some reason I kept feeling like I wouldn't keep this pregnancy ... I didn't give it any weight and continued being happy. Like any normal person would.

We had decided not to tell anyone this time, because this would be our FIRST baby that I get to tell my family in PERSON that I'm pregnant. See shortly after we got married 6 years ago, we moved to Massachusetts and that is where our 2 sons were born. So I was extra excited that I my last pregnancy would be here with my family.

We did tell one or two close friends. Well I did because I get SO EXCITED for these things, and couldn't hold it in.  So back in November Bethany Skinner (a dear friend) took some family pictures which I have posted on FaceBook. I did not however post some special ones, we were going to share them after we told my family about the pregnancy.

Well let me share some more information, also in November we bought our first home. So great. But the first day when we were moving in I started to feel like I was having a miscarriage.  Then many days later it was confirmed by my doctor. I was devastated and heart broken.  It made moving into our first home much harder having to go through the pain of the process.

Since then I've prayed a lot and really cuddled up with God.  I'm feeling much better now and the hope of a 3rd still lingers in my heart. I do not know if we will ever try again for one. But ... ya never know ;o)  Here are the pictures that bring a tear to my eye.

This was only 11 dpo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Stone Family!! (Northern Ca. Photographer)

Ahhh ... I love this family!! This is Tom and Rachael Stone. I have had the privilege of knowing Rachael for quite a few years now over the internet! LOL We met inperson when we were youth, weren't really friends due to age gaps. Then we were both pregnant with 2 kids together! So we became online friends. She lived in Colorado and I lived in Massachusetts. Through random events we both moved back to Redding Ca and now both of our 4 year olds are in preschool together!! I love how our friendship came together and turned out. Rachael is amazing and I'm seriously so blessed to be her friend!!