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Monday, March 19, 2012

Family, Fun, Life.

Well hi friends, fans, family! This has been a lovely past 3 months. Its been slower due to it being winter and weather. Which has been a welcomed break. I've gotten to really spend more time capturing my kids and family.  So this isn't a post about anything but my family and what's been going on in our lives. We had birthdays birthdays and more birthdays!! Liam was first. He turned 2! Then Isaiah's is next, he turned 4! And Kristen my sister in love had a groooooovey 60/70s birthday party which was Awesome!! So much fun. I took the kids to the coast to visit some dear friends and her kids. It was a lovely trip. We also got a puppy!!! He is a malti-poo and I love him sooo much. Such a easy calm wonderful dog. We named him Jack.  If you watch 30 Rock ... we named him after Jack Donaghy!! Then just a few fun photos in between all the birthdays.

                                                      My Sweet Niece Sydney Jean. :o)


                                                            Happy 2nd Birthday Liam!

                                                    My big brother Weston... I love his smile!

                                                               Ah, Precious Isaiah.
 This is Judah, one of Isaiahs best friends. When he plays he always pretends to play with him ... this little dude is sooo precious to us.

                        This is his sweet sister Avi. She is soo cute and always has to pick out her own outfits!

                                                      Then of course my great Liam.

                                                             Brother and Sister Love.
                             Seriously that look?? Are you kidding me with those eyes! Gorgeous!!

                                                          Ahhhhh he Bestest laugh!!

                                                                   Boys will be boys!
                                           Playing base ball ... Judah kept hitting home runs!

                                                    I love this ... so their personalities!

                                                              Just another day at work.

                      I was showing Isaiah how big our newest baby is and will grow to be. He loved it.

                                                                      Practicing lol

                                              He loves trains, planes, cars, trucks ... yep .. boy.

                                                                             Go Pats!

                                                                Isaiahs' 4th Birthday!

                                                                   Me and my Mom.

                                     Thank you Bethany for all the lovely action shots at his party!!

                              We were playing his new favorite game out side. Its Hi-Ho Cherry-O!!

                                                        My sis in law's Birthday Cake!

                                                        Happy Birthday Beautiful Kristen!

                                                            Could they be any cuter?!

                     They did the part so well ... it was so cute getting to watch them in their own area. :o)

                                                              Dancing with Gampy!

                                                                And this is Jack :o)

                                                  I love my coffee table and coasters.

                                                     "Reading" his bible during quite time.

                                                    His not "toy" camera :o) SO precious!

                                       Playing Tickle Tackle with Daddy! Their favorite game.
 We were waiting for daddy to come home. And so I snapped a few pictures hehe. Couldn't resist this cutness. 

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  1. These are so cute! Love how you are documenting the growing family! Everyone looks happy happy, good job! :)