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Hey there!! I am Lacy Fontaine and I am a photographer! :o) I have an amazing husband that supports me in every way. I have three loud, fun, crazy, little boys that I love more and more every day. I've grown up all over California but I've lived in Redding Ca the longest. I love to laugh and have a good time with my family and friends. I am all about trying new things and going on adventures!! I LOVE TRAVELING! I got to go to Norway recently and oh my gosh it changed my life! I didn't want to come home!! I tend to laugh at random jokes that probably shouldn't be laughed at. I try to keep it real, I'm not into fake people. I enjoy chatting over a yummy cup of coffee any day of the week!! Once someone is my friend they are my friend for life. To me pictures are an extension of who you are, and the moments we are living in. I try to capture that and let it shine through the photo. Photographs help us remember what the important things are in life. I'd love to photograph your special day or family! EMAIL: LACY@LACYFONTAINEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM WEB SITE: WWW.LACYFONTAINEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tricia .... Pure Heart and Pure Beauty.

 The other day I had the privilege of capturing Tricia!! She is an atrist so of course we had to incorporate one of her AMAZING paintings!!! Check out her Tricia Paints page on facebook! She is radiant inside and out, and was such a pleasure to be around.

Also I recently bought a new lens the canon 24-70L f/2.8 and I was SO EXCITED these are some of the first images captured with my new lens!!


  1. great job! these are beautiful!!!!

  2. LOVE them all! so great!! :) :) :) ~ Tricia Kibler

  3. OMG AMAZING LACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOve it

  4. Great pictures! Tricia is gorgeous, I bet she was fun to shoot. I think the second to last one is my most favorite.


    P.S. Saw this on Bethany's FB.

  5. These are wonderful! Yay Lacy and Yay Tricia!

  6. Beautiful Lacy....I'm super excited about getting pictures done while I'm there!!!