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Hey there!! I am Lacy Fontaine and I am a photographer! :o) I have an amazing husband that supports me in every way. I have three loud, fun, crazy, little boys that I love more and more every day. I've grown up all over California but I've lived in Redding Ca the longest. I love to laugh and have a good time with my family and friends. I am all about trying new things and going on adventures!! I LOVE TRAVELING! I got to go to Norway recently and oh my gosh it changed my life! I didn't want to come home!! I tend to laugh at random jokes that probably shouldn't be laughed at. I try to keep it real, I'm not into fake people. I enjoy chatting over a yummy cup of coffee any day of the week!! Once someone is my friend they are my friend for life. To me pictures are an extension of who you are, and the moments we are living in. I try to capture that and let it shine through the photo. Photographs help us remember what the important things are in life. I'd love to photograph your special day or family! EMAIL: LACY@LACYFONTAINEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM WEB SITE: WWW.LACYFONTAINEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Girls Night Vintage Photoshoot ... Who I am.

So this past Wednesday was our monthly girls group, but this time it was a special group because one of our dear dear ladies is leaving us for her newest adventure! Moving across country with her husband Ben and their daughter.  She loves taking fun photots and all week it had been stiring in my heart to do a photo thing for girls group because she loves it so much. Then Wednesday came and about 2 hours before group I was in the shower getting ready (yes I showered at 5pm, I got two toddlers ... you shower when you can haha!) and suddenly this whole idea came to me and I just felt the Holy Spirit all over it.  I got this picture of all the girls holding cards with things written on them saying who they were. Something that was genuinely them and raw.  I got sooooo excited!! I rushed the getting ready process, raced over to my moms to get some props, then headed over to Jens house who was gracious enough to let me do my VERY last minute plan.  It turned out great and was SO much fun to get to read everyones cards and try to show case who they are.  I just want to thank all of you special ladies for letting me capture YOU!!
And Heather you are one amazing mom friend and wife, we will miss you greatly!!! Blessings on your amazing journey!!

     1st is the lady of the hour, Heather.  She is bright and cheery and has a pure love and passion for life and for bringing people from all over together. She has brightened my life just by being my friend. She is full of passion and charisma and is always looking for ways to grow. You are a pleasure to know Heather. 

2nd we have Lindsay. Now she is an amazing woman who cares for others more than herself. Now don't get me wrong she cares for herself, but she puts the needs and wants of others in front of her own and loves to help people succeed in their dreams and live a joyous life. Lindsay you are one of a kind and I'm honored to know you. 

    3rd We have Kelly.  Now I actually had just had the joy of meeting this wonderful mom of 2 (pregnant with number 3) that night.  She has such a kindness about her and a soft spirit, she is like silk.  Pure and soft to core. It was a pleasure to meet you Kelly!

  3rd we have Jen.  This woman is fearless and goes after the things she feels called to. When you first meet her you see her pure sweetness and her delight for life and friendships, she is a beam of joy, and she delights in her friends and loving others.  She is moving to New York with her husband and baby (still in oven) this summer and I'll miss having her as my neighbor. 

  4th Is Jessica.  We've been on a road trip to Chico before and spent some time in Ladies Night but other than that our paths haven't crossed much.  But when I am with her there is a genuine realness about her and when you are with her you know your with the real her and that what you see is really what you get. That can be a rare thing to find at times and its a treasure for me to be around.  Thank you for being real and honestly you Jessica.

5th we have the passionate Stephanie.  She is the kind of person you want to have on your side. She will do anything for her friends and will fight for what is right. She loves her kids with abandon and fills them with life. She is the woman you go to if you want a straight answer.  She is incredibly sweet though. When I first met her she welcomed me with open arms ... literally haha!  I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.

6th we have this little guy standing in for his mommy. He is only 2 weeks old!! His mom is a woman full of love and has such a deep big wide full heart. She likes deep meaningful relationships and enjoys showing love to her friends. It was so wonderful having her at ladies night again she had been out of state for a bit and we hare so happy to have her back in Cali. It was a pleasure getting to meet her newest little man full of heart just like his mommy. 

7th is well meeeee!!! And well I want to help people really know how beautiful they are in and out,  fill them with the passion and strength to be who God called them to be no matter what.  I want to influence many to be bold say what needs to be said when it needs to be said.  In a nut shell :o) 

8th last but certainly not least is my dear friend Bethany.   I admire her so much! She is the wife that cooks real meals for dinner every night has a beautiful clean home and HAPPY kids and Husband.  Which says a lot about how strong she is and how she loves to see others happy blossoming.  When she finds something great she loves to spread the word and share the wealth. I love you Bethany and I'm so happy I'll know you forever. :o)
  The last few pictures are in black and white because they were taken when it was literally DARK DARK DARK out side lol.


  1. Lacy this is so great. You are amazing and I love watching how you are progressing in your gifts. I love you my friend

  2. This turned out AWESOME Lacy! I love it! :)